Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another Check on the Bucket List– August 13, 2014

Well we accomplished another check on the old bucket list.  Friday we took off in the afternoon and drove to Nadi.  We had dinner at the Hard Rock Café.  We met our friendly waiter Ronnie and as we left he asked if we wanted to get a “frequent diner” card.  We told him no, that when we go home we eat at McDonalds.  I fear we have shattered our image by admitting that.

Saturday morning we took a ride with Surf Fiji out to Cloud Break.  Cloud Break is a world class surfing wave and is one of a few left curling waves.  We rode out with three Aussies who were there to surf, not like us who were just along for the ride.

It was fun to watch them wax their boards and prepare to go.  Unfortunately they told us that the wave was not great, and it was too bad we didn’t come a day earlier, it was at least twice to three times bigger the day before.  Guess we never took that into our planning.  But they looked big to us.

We sat in the boat and watched them paddle out and ride the waves.  As the morning wore on the wave got a bit better, but nothing really “world class”.  Unfortunately, sitting out in a bobbing boat falls under the sea sickness rules and even with taking a pill I began to get queasy. 

The surfers returned and were ready to head for shore.  But one of the motors on the boat didn’t want to cooperate, so it took a bit longer than I would have liked.  But finally we were moving again, and the water was white cappy and choppy and it was a bit of a bumpy ride.  But we couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. 

As we got ready to go in a small white sea bird with a long black bill flew down and hit Dew in the shoulder and dropped into the bottom of the boat.  Evidently he wasn’t very well. He rested for a while and when we threw him into the air to take off he flew a bit then landed in the water. Poor little bird.

We have included a few pictures of Thomas and Manoa as they went to the temple for the first time on Thursday evening.  It was fun to be included and the both came out with big wide smiles, ready to begin the preparations to leave on their missions.

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  1. Wonderful pics. Glad you could enjoy.
    Kent gave a wonderful talk last Sunday in Sacrament on rules of football, river rafting and ATV riding.
    Rod and Betti