Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Rainy Week-end Snorkeling–August 31, 2013

Finally, it’s Friday.  Best day of the week.

Saturday we had reservations to go snorkeling out in Bega Lagoon and Friday night it rained.  And did it rain!  But early Saturday it had stopped so off we went.  We drove out to Pacific Harbor and to The Pearl Resort, where we met our boat and crew and were off.  And by then the clouds were back and it was sprinkling.

Dew used his new snorkel gear and said it was amazing to see the reef and all the colors and fish.  I stayed with the boat – I’m more of a “bright sunny day” type of person. They snorkeled around for a while and then we went back in, and as we left the parking lot the rain began in earnest again.  Great timing

We decided to drive out towards Sigatoka Town and visit the big gift shop there.  It was much farther than we remembered but finally we made it.  And they had some lovely things, but we aren’t ready to commit just yet, so we didn’t buy anything.  But a big tour bus arrived just as we were ready to leave and suddenly the store was filled and we left.

We drove into Sigatoka and walked around and visited the market and visited a few stores and then decided to find the Sand Dune National Park they have here.  We had to ask for instructions, but we found it.  We paid our money and started on the trail.  As we got to the top we discovered a huge burned area and the strong smell of fire.  We walked out far enough to see the breakers coming into the shore, one of the few places it actually does.  As you get out farther the trail turns to sand and on the steep hills it was hard slogging

As we returned back to the main area we passed through a mahogany forest, never seen mahogany trees before.  And someone had made figures with coconut heads and made them look like Fijian Warriors as you walked along the trail.  Fun!

As the office I asked if the fire was of natural cause or man made and the kid told me it was set by someone, and that they lost a lot of plants and that it happened just two days ago.  Sad!

As we drove back to Pacific Harbor we passed a lot of huge pots filled with boiling water steaming away.  They were filled with corn and you could buy 4 pieces for $1.  We just had to try some as we have been going through corn withdrawals.  Well it wasn’t anything near to our corn, just short cobs of field corn and they were tough from being boiled so long.  But they added salt to ours and we ate it.

It was best not to look at the bucket of cold water that they put it in to cool it down so they could take off the husks.  Yes they cooked it in the husks!  And He used his hands to take off the husks in the – shall I say rather scary looking dirty cold water!  Oh well at least we are becoming natives!

Then we headed back to Pacific Harbor and had dinner at the Baka Blues Café.  They make a mean salad – the best we’ve had since we got here.  And by then it was dark and we drove home in the dark and rain.  And the scary part is that there are people walking all along the roads and you can’t see them unless they have on reflective clothing, they just blend in.  But we made it back and we were both tired from our fun day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upper Navua River–August 28, 2013

Elder and Sister Tennis’ family has been visiting.  They took their daughter, her husband and their two kids back to Nadi to fly out and only their son Robert stayed.  And they wanted adventure, so we went to the upper Navua River and floated down.  Sister Tennis decided she didn’t want to go, so it was just the four of us that went.

We got a heck of a deal, and we all thought we should have paid more for all the fun we had.  First off their van was broken down so they hired a taxi to take us up to the top.  Wow, what a ride.  Up through the jungle on this one car wide track and I kept thinking what happens when something comes down.  Well we found out when a big truck was all of a sudden right in front of us.  And after I gasped, the driver calmly moved over and with inches to spare we passed each other.  Okay, breath again!

The jungle was amazing and we stopped along the way for pictures, alas, the camera just doesn’t do it justice.  Up we went until all of a sudden we spotted washing on the line and at the top are two big villages.  You better make a list if you live there, you don’t want to forget anything when you live that far from town.

We unloaded at the most amazing gorge and hiked a short way down where they blew up the kayaks and our big fluffy raft.  We requested a raft and had we known how shallow it was, we probably would have gone with the kayaks.

Our guide was so good, his favorite thing to say was, “don’t worry”.  The river was very low and there were times when we had to get out and push, and in one little stretch of rapids Dew almost fell in backwards when we hit a rock, but we managed to grab him and pull him back in.

We passed through one of the most amazing gorges I have ever seen.  It was narrow, steep, and there were long vines hanging down to the river.  You thought Tarzan would swing by any second.

We stopped for lunch and the guys all hiked up to a waterfall and went swimming.  I stayed with the raft and relaxed.

Finally we arrived at the confluence of two rivers and they became the Lower Navua River.  At this point a long boat with a motor met us and we motored the rest of the way back.  It was a amazing day, and we had a marvelous time.  Work?  What work?


Short video of Upper Navua River 1m 40s