Saturday, March 22, 2014

Children in Fiji–March 23, 2014

There are a few memories of Fiji that we will take home with us that will bring back smile when we think of them.  We can’t put one of them on a blog, it requires sound.  We will always remember the beautiful singing of the Fijians, especially the YSA’s.  They love to sing and aren’t afraid to sing out, especially the men and they have amazing deep voices, that give you goose pimples just to hear them.

A second thing we will always remember are the beautiful flower that seem to grow in the most unlikely places.

And the third thing is the beautiful children.  Everywhere you look there are beautiful babies and absolutely darling children. They absolutely steal your heart away.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Road Damage–Kings Highway–March 8, 2014

Two weeks after major flooding in Fiji, we drove out to see the damage that was done by a stalled tropical disturbance.  The road near Korovou was damaged and closed but within two days they had cut a bypass road up over the mountain and around the damaged section. Near Londoni they had some significant  slides.  We were concerned because when Jeff, Kara and Kent come we need the road open to see the “Spinning Dolphins” at Takalana, not to mention blue skies and sunshine.  Is that a big wish list or what?

But the best part of the trip was when we came to one damaged area and they had stop and go guys on each side of the slide to help the traffic safely through.  But the signs were set to go and propped up in an orange traffic cone on each side and where were the men?  Sitting in the shade by the side of the road!

Golf–Pacific Harbor–March 15, 2014

It’s been pretty rainy and overcast for the last few days.  A cyclone named Lusi threatened to get us last week, but swung off to the west and missed us completely.  And today was one of the first blue sky days we have had in a long time.

We took the opportunity to play a little golf out at Pacific Harbor with the Peterson’s.  And with the sun comes the heat.  It was very hot and humid.  We had to rent everything from the cart to the clubs and we bought 8 balls.  It rained in Pacific Harbor last night and the course was one large bog, but fun.

By the second hole we were down by two balls, and we decided we would play until we ran out of balls or finished the 9 holes, which ever came first.  We made it to the end of the 9 holes with two balls remaining – pretty amazing when you consider how easy it is to lose balls even in what looks like short grass.

And there were a millions of little froggies all over the course.  As I putted on one hole there were three standing guard over my ball and they never even flinched when I hit it. 

No scores were kept – just how many balls we finished the game with.

Lunch followed at Baca Blues café and then we headed home.  It was hot!  Did I mention it was HOT?  90 degrees and about the same amount of humidity.  We dressed in long pants because there is a Dengue fever epidemic here and we didn’t want mosquito bites, and by the time we finished we were all dripping wet, next time we will take a chance on the mosquitos.  But we enjoyed it a ton.  It was nice to know we can still swing a club.