Saturday, July 26, 2014

Young Women’s Dance–July 25, 2014

Fred and Ginger here…reporting on the Young Women’s Fund Raiser Dance. 

It was decorated with many balloons and streamers, and the little kids were having a ball with the balloons.  There were two little ones who spent a very long time trying to blow one up, and mostly just their cheeks got blown up.

We did the waltz – over and over and over to help those that were interested learn a few steps, and by the time they had played the “Tennessee Waltz” three times and we had shared everything we knew, they were bored to tears and ready to move to more fun dancing – and that was just the first half hour. And then it was on to more modern music and they had a ball.

It was fun to see how a few of them were dressed – they could have moved right onto the ski slopes – okay, not really but they were definitely dressed for winter, and we have even mentioned “it’s cool” a couple of times.  Love it!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh The Places You’ll Go and The Things You Will See–July 19, 2014

When we arrived in Fiji everything was strange and we didn’t recognize anything.  But gradually you find that you are slowly starting to recognize things.  And all of a sudden you only have to see a color and some initials you you know exactly what place it is.

Example – if it’s lime green and says BSP, it’s the Bank of South Pacific.  If it’s blue and says ANZ, it’s Australia and New Zealand Bank.  If it’s red and white and everywhere you look (not to mention it smells good) it’s the Hot Bread Store. And on and on and on.

So yesterday we just took pictures of just a few of the places that we go to and see everyday.  And of course we threw in a picture of the ever present buses – how else will you get there.  (I didn’t include a picture of a taxi – they are still on my black list). 

And on the way we stopped to take in a few views of Fiji’s favorite past time – Rugby.  On any given Saturday you will see them gathered in every park, school yard, or any green space that has room for them to run and where they can put up goal posts.

Yesterday we stopped at a few.  Actually we were looking for Seta, who volunteers at our office, who told us “I play Rugby on Saturday”.  Where?  “Oh at the park.” What park?  “Oh the one down by the sea wall.”  What time?  “In the morning.”  What color is your uniforms?  “Oh, kind of green or blue.”

And around we went.  Needless to say we didn’t find him, but we did walk around a lot of other Rugby Games.  And it was fun to see the refreshment people who come to sell their Roti’s and other treats all set up with their shades and chairs and tables.  And I am sure as we walked around we had more than one person wonder, “What are those palangies doing, they don’t even understand this game!”

And today we found out that one of our ward members saw us, he was playing on one of the fields.

But we are beginning to really appreciate it.  And we already have a date for Las Vegas in March to watch the Fiji Sevens team play.  And our friend Rob has already committed to two tickets to be waiting for us at the gate.  Oh and just as a side note – guess who has been in our office twice in the last two weeks?  Ben Ryan!!  I know, that means nothing to you at home, but here in Fiji it’s a BIG DEAL!!!  And it isn’t just because he has bright red hair!  He is the Fiji Sevens head coach!!!  And Rob is one of the team managers!  Do we know people in high places or what?

YW Money Maker–July 19, 2014

Do you ever feel that when someone looks at you all the see are $$$$?  Well, it’s getting close to camp time (December) and let the fund raisers begin!  Yesterday we had our car washed, my nails done and probably should have bought a book or two, but managed to pass on that. 

But at least the Young Women had smiles on their faces when we left.

Dice with Buddies (Triple Yahtzee)–July 16, 2014

Before we came to Fiji Dew bought a tablet and downloaded a lot of apps that he could use.  Most were very useful apps – like apps to do our banking with, and apps that had the scriptures and church music, and apps….well you get the idea.

But the best one he added had to have been Yahtzee, or as the app is called “Dice with Buddy’s”.  It’s great, no dice needed just a few taps on the screen.  And he has had running games with Kara, and when they are free, Julies two girls Caitlin and Haley.  But Kara is the one that is forever faithful.

And so every morning as we enter the office and the tablet finds the internet the dice begin rolling.  And often during the day, whenever Kara is bored and playing, we hear the dice rolling.  And if we are not careful during church we would hear the dice rolling!  Thank you for adding a “cut the sound button”!

And one game is never enough – oh no, they keep three at least going at the same time.  And if he is busy he will hand it to me and say, “Here, win against Kara”.  And if he gets a Yahtzee he is in Seventh Heaven, and when he loses he pouts, and I am sure the same goes on on the other end as well.

And this week had to have been the high point for him.  He got, not one, not two, (wait for it – drum roll please) three Yahtzees in one game!!!!  And of course he had to take a picture of it, as it will probably never happen again.  Some days it takes very little to keep us happy, and part of that happiness was his knowing that on the other end was Kara, groaning!  But of course it all works out and she has beaten him more than he likes to remember.

Me?  I just regret the day we loaded the app for Solitaire!!!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Career Workshop–July 10, 2014

Boy have we had a busy month so far.  Visitors from New Zealand and of course when that happens you put on “your best face”.  So as part of Career Workshop - 2014 Julythe “entertainment” we taught a two part workshop to 39 students up at the LDS College.  They were sophomores, juniors and seniors, or as they say, form 5, 6 and 7 age students.  It was great fun.

And in our office we had scheduled a “Career Workshop”.  This workshop teaches prospective job seekers how to create CV’s, write cover letters and how to interview with prospective companies.

Well, we have this cute girl who has just returned from her mission and is waiting to return to BYU-H who taught the class.  No, that is not right, cute just doesn’t do it…she is a “drop dead gorgeous” girl.

Well, we had no problems getting enough young men to take the workshop.  How much they actually heard of what she said can be debated, but they were very attentive let’s just say.

Our director and his boss from New Zealand acted as the prospective employers and interviewed them all.  It was fun to just listen to them, they taught them everything from how to sit to not giving so much personal information.  It was fun for all.

And most workshops have good attendance the first day, and it drops off on the second day.  Not this one, they were all back to sit and just take in her cute personality and beautiful face.

And now we know what the real secret to teaching these workshops is, 1)get a gorgeous teacher and 2) feed them lunch.  So this workshop was an out and out success.

Thanks Suka!!!