Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Mixed Bag Week-End–30 August, 2014

This was one of the strangest week ends we have spent while in Fiji.  To begin – even before the week-end we had a basketball tourney here in Fiji.  It’s just like at home, college (high school) against college, except they do it in age groups, under 17, under 15 etc. and both boys and girls have teams.

Foki’s youngest daughter was on the LDS College under 17 team.  And on Wednesday Foki and I went down to the Vodofone Arena and watched the girls and the boys play.  The girls just barely snuck by with a just before the buzzer basket, but the boys won big. 

This was real basketball – not that other game they play here, Netball, which is strange to say the least.

By Friday both teams were playing in the semi’s and the girls lost, boys went on to take the championship.  Fun to watch.

Then Friday night Utah was on TV – our ESPN in the highlights and we were excited.  And on Saturday Elder Peterson figured out a way to watch BYU play live, so a few of the couples watched the game and felt rather like we were at home.  Home that is except for the uncomfortable chairs!

In the afternoon we visited a place in Suva we have never been to – The Flea Market!  It was full of flea market stuff and we just wandered around.  Then went next door where we discovered an arcade full of barber shops.  Fun to walk along and check them all out.  I don’t think Dew is going to try any of them real soon, but if you want a cheap cut – we can now tell you where to go.

On our way back to the car we got caught in a little rain shower and caught a parade all at the same time.  Never did figure out what the parade was for, but it was all military men in their cool sulu’s and a marching band, but it was cool to see them all march by. 

And that, as the say, was our week-end.  Well almost.  On Sunday we went to the Lami 1st ward to hear Rex speak prior to leaving on his mission and were able to hear the Watlings, who are temple missionaries, speak as well.  Good meeting, and then we did the 5th Sunday meeting…now that really was all of our week-end.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge–August 28, 2014

The world is not so large that you cannot be found by a challenge.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge made it to Fiji and so we did our bit and “checked” (the real reason for doing all this) it off our list!  Sorry that we didn’t have any ice – but this is after all Fiji and their idea of a lot of ice is one small cube – so we didn’t think it would matter all that much.

We did it for Darlene Parry – so now Haley and Caitlin – you are next.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Days are Dwindling Down–August 24, 2014

Down on the underside of the world winter is in full gear.  You can tell its winter in Fiji – the little babies all have hats on and the women wrap a long scarf around their necks to keep out the cold.  Other than that not much changes.
We were told last year that our second winter in Fiji would feel cold to us.  We laughed and scoffed and now we are having to eat a few words.  It has felt cool to us, and I have even dug out my sweater.  Wonder what will happen to us come December when we return home.
We have had some fun pictures sent to us from our family of things that we are missing.  First off, Chase’s wedding and this week end was their open house in Vancouver.  Julie has been sending me her ideas and thoughts as to what they have planned to do and I have had such fun looking for ideas to add.  Just yesterday we received a couple of pictures and were so excited to see all the plans come together.  Should be fun and wish we were there, but the pictures keep us close.
And then we got pictures of Brandon, Christian and Tyler and their friends who all went to Jackson to run the mighty Snake.  It was so fun to see Brandon in the back of one raft and Christian in the back of the other raft and to see the big smiles on their faces.  Tyler was in front and it was hard to see through the beard whether he had a smile or not.  It made us feel so blessed to see our grandchildren carrying on a tradition we started with our family years ago.
And we especially loved the picture of the 2002 Toyota being emptied of all – wait for it – 19 passengers!!!  And to read Brandon’s comments, “this could possibly be illegal!”  Ya think?
Julie - Openhouse 01Julie - Openhouse 02Julie - Openhouse 03Julie - Openhouse 04Julie - Openhouse 05RiverSnake River

Monday, August 18, 2014

We Are Officially Old–August 18, 2014

There are milestones along the road of life that mark occasions when you do a bit of reflecting.  Last week was one of those occasions for us.  The first one of our 13 grandchildren was married last week.  Chase and Lexi were married on August 15 in the Salt Lake Temple.

And this made us think – wow we are getting old!  The high school graduations passed without much trauma.  The mission calls and returns passed without much trauma as well.  But weddings seem to be a different kind of thing.  This seriously makes for that “old” feeling.

Not to say that we aren’t excited.  It’s so great to see Chase move forward, and to have a temple marriage, and to see the pictures of the other grands who could be there all in a picture.  I guess what I am saying is, “wow, are we blessed or what?”

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fokie’s Family – August 10, 2014

It’s been a Fokie week!  Isi, her oldest son has been called to serve a mission in the Philippines and went through the temple this week.  And it was her other son, Manoa’s birthday.  In fact it was a shared birthday, Thomas and Manoa.

We thought we ought to celebrate Thomas’ birthday so I ran to the store and picked up a cake.  Little did I realize it was Manoa’s birthday as well.  Thomas thanked us for the cake and cut it in half and announced that half was his and half was Manoa’s.  How great is that?  And so we celebrated for both of them.

Then on Thursday Isi went through the temple.  It was fun to be included and we took pictures after.  And then we volunteered to take Fokie’s mom and the girls home.  But the car just headed for McDonalds for sundaes and so we were a bit late getting them home.  We found out later Manoa was checking up on us and even called to find out if Grandma had made it home yet.  Oops, we need a bigger car when it comes to treats.

Fokie asked if we would take some pictures of her family after church today.  It was our first attempt at “pro-photographers” and I am sorry to say that we left a lot to be desired, but we had fun and got some good shots. And now she has a whole bunch of pictures to keep for the next two years.  Oh, and Manoa will get his call in the next week or two so it took care of both boys.  They will have only girls left in a few months.  They are beginning to understand how quickly a full house can turn into one with lots of rooms for a few years.