Friday, December 26, 2014

Back Home– December 3, 2014

And it’s time to go – home!  After a few days in New Zealand seeing some of the wonderful sights there we boarded the plane and headed for home. 

After what seemed to be an endless flight we finally arrived in Los Angeles and patiently waited for our last flight to reach home.  And wonder of wonders it left early – Wow. 

And when we got off the plane and walked out of that long hall way there was a whole bunch of great looking people – waiting just for us.  We laughed, we cried, we gathered up our luggage and headed to Sizzler for some good food.  Actually anywhere we went would have been good food to us at that point. 

And the next week we talked in church and had the family over for breakfast after and again laughed and enjoyed just being in our own home, with our own family.

Did I mention that we are so grateful for our time in Fiji, but so grateful to be home!!!

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