Friday, March 14, 2014

Road Damage–Kings Highway–March 8, 2014

Two weeks after major flooding in Fiji, we drove out to see the damage that was done by a stalled tropical disturbance.  The road near Korovou was damaged and closed but within two days they had cut a bypass road up over the mountain and around the damaged section. Near Londoni they had some significant  slides.  We were concerned because when Jeff, Kara and Kent come we need the road open to see the “Spinning Dolphins” at Takalana, not to mention blue skies and sunshine.  Is that a big wish list or what?

But the best part of the trip was when we came to one damaged area and they had stop and go guys on each side of the slide to help the traffic safely through.  But the signs were set to go and propped up in an orange traffic cone on each side and where were the men?  Sitting in the shade by the side of the road!

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