Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sigatoka Fireside–March 2, 2014

After our week of wild weather, Sunday dawned with blue skies and puffy white clouds.  We were invited to give a PEF presentation out in Sigatoka, so we rushed over to our ward at 8am and attended half of our sacrament meeting and then left to run over and pick up Foki who went with us

We drove the two an a half hours to Sigatoka and looked for the church.  Our instructions was that it was “at the end of town, across the street from the B.L. Nydo grocery store.”  We actually stopped across the street from the church and asked where the church was and the kid looked at us like we were dumb and pointed across the street.  There it was across the street and on the second floor – amazing.

It was a little branch and we got there in time to attend most of their fast and testimony meeting.  Immediately after we set up our computer and began our presentation.  It was supposed to be for the young single adults, but the whole branch attended.  It went well and immediately after the bus arrived to take everyone home and we headed back to Suva.  And I kid you not the heading on the bus said, “Hinderland”!  I always thought hinderlands were out in the wilds somewhere, but it must be here in Fiji – close to Sigatoka.

We stopped at Baca Blues and had lunch (more like Linner than Lunch) and drove back home.  Busy Sunday!

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