Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Mixed Bag Week-End–30 August, 2014

This was one of the strangest week ends we have spent while in Fiji.  To begin – even before the week-end we had a basketball tourney here in Fiji.  It’s just like at home, college (high school) against college, except they do it in age groups, under 17, under 15 etc. and both boys and girls have teams.

Foki’s youngest daughter was on the LDS College under 17 team.  And on Wednesday Foki and I went down to the Vodofone Arena and watched the girls and the boys play.  The girls just barely snuck by with a just before the buzzer basket, but the boys won big. 

This was real basketball – not that other game they play here, Netball, which is strange to say the least.

By Friday both teams were playing in the semi’s and the girls lost, boys went on to take the championship.  Fun to watch.

Then Friday night Utah was on TV – our ESPN in the highlights and we were excited.  And on Saturday Elder Peterson figured out a way to watch BYU play live, so a few of the couples watched the game and felt rather like we were at home.  Home that is except for the uncomfortable chairs!

In the afternoon we visited a place in Suva we have never been to – The Flea Market!  It was full of flea market stuff and we just wandered around.  Then went next door where we discovered an arcade full of barber shops.  Fun to walk along and check them all out.  I don’t think Dew is going to try any of them real soon, but if you want a cheap cut – we can now tell you where to go.

On our way back to the car we got caught in a little rain shower and caught a parade all at the same time.  Never did figure out what the parade was for, but it was all military men in their cool sulu’s and a marching band, but it was cool to see them all march by. 

And that, as the say, was our week-end.  Well almost.  On Sunday we went to the Lami 1st ward to hear Rex speak prior to leaving on his mission and were able to hear the Watlings, who are temple missionaries, speak as well.  Good meeting, and then we did the 5th Sunday meeting…now that really was all of our week-end.

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