Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fokie’s Family – August 10, 2014

It’s been a Fokie week!  Isi, her oldest son has been called to serve a mission in the Philippines and went through the temple this week.  And it was her other son, Manoa’s birthday.  In fact it was a shared birthday, Thomas and Manoa.

We thought we ought to celebrate Thomas’ birthday so I ran to the store and picked up a cake.  Little did I realize it was Manoa’s birthday as well.  Thomas thanked us for the cake and cut it in half and announced that half was his and half was Manoa’s.  How great is that?  And so we celebrated for both of them.

Then on Thursday Isi went through the temple.  It was fun to be included and we took pictures after.  And then we volunteered to take Fokie’s mom and the girls home.  But the car just headed for McDonalds for sundaes and so we were a bit late getting them home.  We found out later Manoa was checking up on us and even called to find out if Grandma had made it home yet.  Oops, we need a bigger car when it comes to treats.

Fokie asked if we would take some pictures of her family after church today.  It was our first attempt at “pro-photographers” and I am sorry to say that we left a lot to be desired, but we had fun and got some good shots. And now she has a whole bunch of pictures to keep for the next two years.  Oh, and Manoa will get his call in the next week or two so it took care of both boys.  They will have only girls left in a few months.  They are beginning to understand how quickly a full house can turn into one with lots of rooms for a few years.

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