Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mosquito Island with Rakatia Family–October 4, 2014

After our last adventure out to Mosquito Island we were talking about it with Vika and Samisoni.  She mentioned that they used to go there as a family when she was small, but she hadn’t been there in years, and their boys had never been there.  So, we made a date for Saturday.

It was rainy, but we went anyway, we just took along the trusty umbrella.  The boat finally came and off we went, just as the heaviest rain came.  But by the time we got there it had pretty much stopped.

We had the whole place to ourselves, except for the stupid dogs! 

They played a little Rugby in the water, climbed on Dad’s back and had a grand old time.  Swung on the swings, that were pretty useless because it was low tide, and Dew taught them how to play “pump, pump, pull away”, and they did great.  They just couldn’t remember what you were supposed to say, but the running around they got really quick.

Then Samisoni decided we all needed a little coconut water.  So he attempted to climb a palm tree, but it was too slick from the rain, so he had to settle for a long pole with a hook on the end.  He hooked the coconuts and pulled them down.  Then he chopped them open for us and we all drank our fill.  Then he chopped them open and we ate the meat.  Some were very green so the meat was thin and soft, the way that they liked it best, but one was brown and thick and like what we get at home and we liked that the best.

When we were all wet and sandy we decided it was lunch time and headed back on the boat for lunch at McDonalds.  Those little boys had such a great time and they loved every minute. 

That evening we had dinner with the senior couples.  It was a farewell dinner for the Christiansen’s and the Watlings, our two temple couples who will be heading home next Saturday right after they finish the last session at the temple at noon and the temple closes for 18 months to 2 years for renovations.

Great day!

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