Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Suva Fiji Temple Closes–October 11, 2014

And now it’s official.  The Suva Fiji Temple is closed for the next 18 months.  And no sooner did they shut the doors than the construction began. 

The company that is doing the work is from Orem and they tell us that there is at least 40 containers of materials on the way here.  And by Saturday afternoon the waste containers were in place and things were beginning to change.  Patron housing is now “worker housing”, and in the reception area there are now temporary offices. 

Monday morning dawned with a beautiful blue sky and I decided that I wanted to take another picture of the temple from the Institute kitchen window since the other one I took had a gray sky. So on the way to work we ran over and I got the shot.

And by noon there were scaffolds being raised around the Angel Moroni and by quitting time the scaffolding was all wrapped in black.  They are wasting no time. So now we watch a new kind of activity going on over at the temple and they tell us we should pray for no rain because the roof is coming off this next week.

Things change quickly.

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  1. It's your turn to remodel and rededicate. You will come home to a newly remodeled temple and tabernacle. Look forward to seeing you soon.
    Rod and Betti