Friday, November 7, 2014

Farewell Song to President and Sister Davis–November 6, 2014

Construction Workers Sing?

The Fijians have a beautiful song that they sing when people leave.  It’s called Isa Lai.  Last week Pres. and Sister Davis were ready to leave and before they left the temple construction workers went over to sing the good bye song to them.

It was a neat occasion to witness.  There was just one small hitch, and he is standing in the center in a red shirt.  He took the high part and sang with gusto.  Gusto, but not quite on tune the whole time.  You will notice even the singers were smiling – just a bit.

You can hear the bass and other lower parts were beautiful, but I’m afraid that this rendition is one that brings smiles, and not the usual tears it normally brings.

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