Friday, November 7, 2014

Tearing Down–Before Building Up – November 8, 2014

Sometimes you are just in the right spot at the right time.  And last week we were in the right spot to see the workmen taking Angel Moroni down from the top of the Suva Temple.  It’s the roof of the temple that needs the most work and so he had to be taken down for a short while.

And so at 10:00am on Tuesday morning all the senior couples, along with a few others, were found standing in the doorway of the Service Center…waiting.

The crane was in place, and there had been a few trial runs.  Well, maybe they weren’t practice runs, but they had used it to lift and reposition the large rubbish bins.  And at 10 am sharp, up went the three workers who were responsible for getting him off and onto the crane.

It took a few stops and starts, and a short delay while they brought up more tools, but finally everything was in place and he was slowly lifted up and swiveled around and lowered safely to the ground.  Once on the ground the workmen all helped carry him safely to his new temporary home where he will receive a new coating of gold leaf and any other needed repairs, before being lifted back into place when the new roof is done.

We won’t be here to see him go back up.  But we hope someone will be kind enough to take a few pictures of that event as well.

And then it was back to work, just another day in paradise.

Tearing Down–Before Building Up

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