Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Clothes – January 20, 2014

Dew is not a clothes horse!  And that is putting it mildly.  He hates shopping, he hates trying on clothes, and he hates wearing anything new.  It has always been this way.
So imagine my surprise when over the Christmas break we went shopping and he went hog wild!  He came home with a new swimming suit, new knee length shorts, a Bula shirt and ….wait for it!  A sulu!!!!  Not only did he come out with new stuff, but I made a purchase or two as well.
Back to my original story.  As we have mentioned before the YSA’s commented to him when we went Christmas Caroling – “Elder Jackson, you are the only one not wearing a sulu!” And he was. So it took a bit of “peer pressure” but he finally bit the bullet and bought one.
And now it hangs in his closet and gets worn once every seven days, because it is in his “pant rotation.”  But we don’t care – at least he now owns one.  And if truth be known he actually likes wearing it, he says “women have had it good for all these years!  If I had known how cool it is to wear a skirt I would have worn one years ago!”  Uuggggggg!
Dewayne - Sulu


  1. Hi DeWayne & Shirley! This is Tami. Bri and I are visiting Mom & Gerald this week. Mom was sharing your cool blog with me and when we came this this photo - I just HAD TO comment! NICE SKIRT!! :) Now all you need is a tan, and you'll look great! :) All our best to you both, Tami & Bri