Friday, January 24, 2014

Service Project – Part 2 – 25 January, 2014

Back in November, just before Elder and Sister Tennis left they had a YSA committee and were planning several activities.  At the time one young man on the committee told them he thought they needed to do a service project.  So of course they put him in charge of it.

His name is Willie Irava, and he took on the project and ran with it.  He organized the cleanup of Suva Point and other beach areas with the YSA’s, city employees and police recruits all working together on it.  It was a great project and a very successful activity, but he didn’t stop there.

He worked with the Church Welfare department and Suva City and arranged for the Church to purchase 10 large rubbish cans to be placed in the Suva Point area.  But these weren’t normal rubbish bins, these are huge and have two compartments, one for rubbish and one for recycling, and they pivot to make emptying them easy and quick.  Each bin cost $1000 and here are 10 of them and they have the YSA name and the Church's name on them all.

Yesterday was the second part of the project – the hand off to the city.  The ceremony was held at the new Suva Park pavilion and the YSA’s were in charge.  They conducted, they sang, they gave prayers and Willie talked about this project.  Lunch was served after.  It was an impressive ceremony, planned by Willie who is an impressive young man.  As he gave his talk he bore his testimony to the city officials – he is fearless.  And did I mention that he is only 18 years old and is just in the process of putting in his mission papers?  Good job Willie!!!

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