Friday, January 24, 2014

Swimming at Pacific Harbor–January 25, 2014

We have had a busy, busy week.  So we needed a little down time, so we ran all of our errands early in the morning and then headed for Pacific Harbor.  We planned on going swimming, but as we got nearer and nearer to Pacific Harbor the sky got darker and darker.

But we got there before the rain hit and got in a quick swim – and let me tell you it was perfect temperature water.  But the lightening and thunder got nearer and finally were directly over head.  So we sought shelter and waited it out.  It rained pretty hard, and the clouds heading towards Bega Island were amazing.

After the shower the Pearl had a demonstration of net fishing for their guests and we got some pictures of them catching 3 small fish.  Hope they had other food for tonight, they weren’t going to feed many people with just those fish.

Then we headed for my favorite restaurant– Baka Blues and had a Mexican Explosion salad – YUM!  Back home with refreshed brains, ready to begin a new work week.  And this week will be a challenge, last Thursday we were asked to arrange a full day of meetings for a fellow from Salt Lake and one from New Zealand.  We had to find business men, and school officials for them to meet with and have it all arranged by Friday.  Dew was able to pull it off – now we will see how it all works on Monday.

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