Monday, July 8, 2013

Elder Tafunai–July 9, 2013

Before we left the Ford family told us that their nephew was also called to go to Fiji, and he would leave about the same time we did for the MTC.  He, of course, would stay much longer and come out speaking the language, we would stay a much shorter time and come out barely speaking English.

They invited us to a family BBQ to meet him, but we could only make his farewell, which was great by the way.  We got to shake his hand and say Hi and that was it.

So we were pretty excited to find out that he finally arrived yesterday.  We went over to the mission office where we found him and about 15 other brand new missionaries all getting ready to be assigned an area and to move to step two of their mission.  We got a picture just so we could show his family how cute he is!  Young missionaries are so wonderful!!!  And by the way he already had on a sulu, maybe that will give some incentive to Elder J to brave it up and get one.

Interestingly enough we had his cousin Michael in the office 30 minutes earlier.  What a small world once again.

Elder Tafunai Arriving at the Mission Home

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