Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Week at a Glance–July 20, 2013

It was quite a week.  It was my birthday and we celebrated it twice – once on our July 16th and once on the US July 16th.  And no that does not mean that I am two years older – just the normal one.

They poured a concrete driveway across from our office and we were amazed to see that they unloaded the concrete in buckets and hand carried it to the spot.  The only thing we could think was that all the wheelbarrows were all  busy holding sleeping men at the roundabout in town.

They painted our flat (apartment) and it is now a soothing, clean color.  So we had to do a bit of deep house cleaning and now it’s much better.  It took a couple of nights with no drapes to get it done tho.

It was a busy week at work and Friday came none too soon.  And to top it off it has rained almost every day and been the coolest we have experienced so far, about 68 or 69 degrees.  We did have to laugh though when our landlord told us it had been “bitter cold” the other night!  And Fokie came to the office and reported that her family all wore socks and wrapped in blankets to ward off the chill.

Today we shopped and then went out for a bit of exploring.  Can’t really call it exploring since we have been both ways from Suva and there isn’t all that many places you can go on such a small island.  But every time it’s a bit different.  We stopped in Nausori and did a bit of shopping and just plain looking around.  Dew found a pair of sandals and I found a great junk store, you can never have too much junk.

As we drove along we spotted a group of little boys laying on mats just off the road eating.  We stopped and asked if we could take their picture and give them cookies.  They were so cute, but the little guy was adorable.  He wasn’t to sure we could be trusted and wouldn’t take a cookie until the bigger boys did and he knew it was safe.

And to top off the day the ward Young Women and Young Men had a fund raiser for camp – a car wash and a day of pampering.  We got our car washed – it was covered with mud and even if it kept raining on it at least it was clean – and I had a foot, arm and neck message, complete with warm water.  I might just get used to this kind of pampering.

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