Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday–Our Day Off–Not!–July13, 2013

Today was Saturday, our P-Day.  But like all good P-Days it didn’t end up being a day off.  It was the second installment in our two part class “Planning for Success”, and so I baked cupcakes yesterday.  This was my first real attempt at baking since we got here, and they turned our great.  The biggest problem was that I had no idea what 350 degrees converts to in Celsius.  I had to make a quick call to Dew and have him look it up.  Seems that 179 is the magic number.

Fiji has no snakes, but it does have a lot of ants, tiny, nasty ants that manage to get everywhere.  I have been at war with them since we arrived and with my trusty bottle of Permethrin I have won a number of small battles, but they come back as soon as I turn my back.

I was determined not to let them even get a whiff of my cupcakes, so they went from oven to freezer in record speed.  Score one for me.

Our class was set to begin at 9 and at 9 there was one person there.  15 students last time, 1 this week!  We knew there would be drop off, but that was breathtaking.  They slowly trickled in, there was a big party at the LDS College (High School) last night celebrating it’s 39th year and there was some major sleeping in going on.  But the class went well, and we ended up with 9, so not too bad.

The ward YM were having a money making car wash and we ran over to get our car washed, but ended up just giving them the money.  That worked out well as it rained about an hour later.

Then we went to downtown Suva and did a bit of walking about.  There is a handicraft market there and we checked that out, then looked around town.  We thought Hong Kong was challenging to cross the streets, it’s nothing compared to Suva.  Pedestrians are open game here, and the taxi’s especially love to give them a run for their money.

And we ended our day with one of my all time favorite things.  A Magnum Ice Cream Bar!!!!  Can life get any better than this?

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