Saturday, August 3, 2013

Touring the Backcountry of the Rewa River–August 3, 2013

We had our second “Planning For Success” workshop today.  We had 6 people signed up and only one of them came.  However, 4 others who were not signed up came.  It’s hard to plan!  And as we were ready to leave 2 more girls came, so we gave them a “condensed” version before we left.

Last week we had a young man named Sepha Kaumiatotoma come in and work on his BYU-H application.  As we talked he told us that his village was up the Rewa River and it was beautiful and we needed to go up there.  So today we did.

As we left we stopped over to see the LDS College (High School) and found it to be absolutely beautiful.  And across the street was a amazing house, just like what we see at home, but they have a much better view, they look over the Pacific Ocean.

We have been up the Rewa River road for a little way, but today we went much farther.  It goes up along the river for a long way and then the river goes one way and the road goes the other, and goes into a large, fairly flat valley.  There were wildly, bright colored houses all along the way and farms and cows and goats and horses.  It was an amazing ride.

We found a house where they had stacked the firewood up just like Christian used to do for our Jackson campfires, only higher.  We found a horse that was so swaybacked that it was amazing.  We passed over some bridges that were scary to say the least, they looked about to fall anytime, but we watched buses drive wildly over them and and so we took the plunge and drove over them as well.

The day started off bright and sunny and by afternoon the wind has come up and the clouds were back.  You have to love the rain and always carry an umbrella to live here.  And you need to be creative to understand some of the signs.

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