Friday, August 16, 2013

End of Semester Activities–August 15, 2013

Another week, another dollar!  Oh ya, I forgot, we don’t make money here, we spend money!  And that is what we did on Monday.  We have some rather nice looking furniture in our apartment – looks are deceiving, it’s the most uncomfortable stuff you’ve ever sat on.  So Monday we went over to Courts, a furniture store and bought a cheap chair that is more comfortable than anything else we have.  It doesn’t look like much but it’s great to relax in – not a recliner, but close.

This week was the end of the school semester and the kids have two weeks off.  They really celebrate before they go on vacation.  On Wednesday night at the Primary School next to our office they had an evening of entertainment provided by the LDS Schools and the Service Center.  They were to follow an Asian theme and the Service Center did a Lion Dance.  It wasn’t quite up to Hong Kong standards, but entertaining none the less.  And there was the cutest baby there, check him out in his winter hat.

And there is a young man who comes over to our office all the time and challenges Dew to ping pong and pool games and royally beats him (every once in a while), and then giggles and giggles and giggles about it.  His name is Shanel and he is Indian (dot Jeff!)  He has been called to India on his mission and is waiting for the usual visa problems.  His mother works at the school and conned him into doing an Indian dance, and we had no idea that he was so multi-talented.  He did a great job, I told him I thought he was just another pretty face and had no idea he was a dancer as well and he loved it.

The next day the Primary School had a fun day, it was a combination “school carnival”, “school program”, and “field day” all rolled into one.  Classes sold things to raise money and we came home with two Bula Bags (cute quilted bags), a broom and lots of pictures.  The broom is hand made and we have come to love them, they work great!  Now I am all set for Halloween!

The kids were having a ball and in the afternoon the big fire rescue truck arrived and the noise level rose even higher.  Now it will be quiet, quiet, quiet, until they come back.

Next week is the Hibiscus festival in Suva which should be fun and we have found some lovely, different colors of Hibiscus.  Love the yellow ones. More about that next week!

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  1. Dew does look comfy in his new cheap chair. It looks like you are adjusting to life in Fiji and having a great time.