Friday, August 23, 2013

Kula EcoPark in Sigatoka–August 24, 2013

We were off again for a Saturday out today.  We drove up past Pacific Harbor (about 2 hours away from our house) to an area called the Coral Coast.  There are some big resorts there and the waves come in closer to the land there than in any other area of the island, and there is a little park called the Kula Ecopark.

They have birds and turtles which we watched them feed, peacocks, iguana's, fish in tanks with soft coral and it’s a beautiful walk around.  We spent a couple of hours and took a bunch of pictures.  We went with Elder and Sister Whitehead who are from Canada and are here teaching the teachers in the LDS schools how to be better teachers.  It was a very pleasant afternoon.

Then we drove back to Pacific Harbor and on the way we went in and checked out several of the big resorts and what they had to offer.  We are going to have to go over and spend a couple of days in one when we get a chance.

Then we had lunch at a place called Baka Blues.  It was the best food we’ve had in a long time and hands down the best salad we’ve had since being here.  Usually when they say “salad” they mean a bit of lettuce, a tomato and no dressing.  We will go there again as well.  By the way Baka means red branching coral as well as the Banyan tree and they played Blues music – hence the name.

Back by 5:30 pm.  When we left the youth camp was using the car park at the temple so we parked the Whiteheads car down in the back at the service center.  On our return it was safely locked -  inside the gate.  Luckily there is always someone at the temple gate and they unlocked the parking gate and they were on their way.

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