Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Stroll–August 18, 2013

After church today we had dinner and then went for a stroll on the sea wall.  It was absolutely beautiful today and everyone was out enjoying the sun and sea.

We took a few shots and then went down to Suva Point and visited the Fiji Yachting Association.  There was a fellow out on a windsurf with his dog, very cool.  And the boats were very neat.  We talked to them about renting sailboats and going out, and yes they do that.  Another fun thing to put on our to do list.

Then the sunset was cool and we got some shots where the water looked silver.  Beautiful day.

And we also met a group from mainland China.  They are working over here and had just enough English that we could ask where they were from and they could ask us the same.  They were from Xion and were surprised that we had been there.  We passed out the high fives and they left to “go home” as they told us.

Nice Sunday afternoon.


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