Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Success Story–September 17, 2013

Being a senior missionary is a rather interesting assignment.  Although everyone thinks that we are out tracting our little hearts out with the young elders and racking up baptism numbers right and left – the opposite is mostly true.  A great number of us work in small offices, sitting behind small computers and doing what we have been called to do.

Success never come easily at the best of time and is often rather hard to measure and to recognize.  That is what made this last week so special.

We had a darling sister at our first workshop.  She is just one of those super people that you fall in love with immediately.  She has a wonderful smile and such a wonderful spirit about her.  One of the things we teach them is to be able to tell about themselves and their talents and abilities in 30 seconds.  She said she memorized hers so she would have it whenever she needed it, and she called it her “power statement”.

Long story short, about two weeks ago Fiji Air advertised for applicants to become flight attendants.  There were about 5 young people who were interested, but only one followed through and got everything required ready and in on time.

Last week she came in to the Institute and asked Elder Tennis and Jackson to give her a blessing as she was off to the west to interviews.  They were happy to do so and one of the things that they told her was that she would feel the hand of the Lord as she went.

Well she was worried about the swimming test, and didn’t consider herself a strong swimmer so she went to the pool before she left to practice.  She said that a woman came in and jumped in the pool and began to slowly swim, using such controlled movements and breathing that it caught her attention and she began to follow her lead.  She said that this practice session led to her being able to finish her required swim.

Next came a test where applicants were shown a picture and asked to talk about it.  Hers was a picture of geese flying in V formation.  How many times have you been in a class where this was talked about?  She was able to talk and talk and give a wonderful explanation of why geese fly in that formation and how it allows the leader to fall back and rest while another takes the lead.  And they were amazed and kept asking “how did you know that?” 

And she used her “power statement” when asked to introduce herself.

And she made cut after cut after cut, and passed test after test.  And today she found out that she got the job, pending that she passes all of the training yet to come.  Not bad, from 300 down to the last 12!  And she said that all along she was at peace and knew that whatever happened would be for her benefit and everything would work out.

Success?  We think so!

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