Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Outing with Couples–September 28, 2013

Our weather has been rainy and rather dreary for the last few days, and it was a wonderful surprise to find that we were going to have a lovely, blue sky Saturday and that a goodly number of the couples were free to enjoy Fiji together today

We left early and there were four couples who went out to Pacific Harbor to snorkel and then two more couples met us there for lunch.  Fun day.  The day was lovely, but there was a bit of wind causing choppy seas.  Choppy seas + boat + me (and a couple of others) = sea sickness!  But even being slightly queasy couldn’t take the lovely out of the day.

The boat was full, there were quite a few families staying at the Pearl who also went out.  We sat down across from a cute little girl and her mom from Australia, here to celebrate her school holiday.  She had her hair braided in a gazillion braids with beads and she said it took 3 ladies about 3 hours to do it.  We didn’t even ask the cost, but she was darling.

Mom and daughter jumped right in with the rest.  There were so many people that they divided the groups up into three smaller groups, each with a guide.  The water was beautiful.  A few of us less enthusiastic water babies stayed in the boat and watched the rest.  They said it was wonderful.  Dew took his underwater camera and we can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out.

Back to the hotel and we gathered to have lunch.  The hands down favorite of the group was fish and chips, and they were yummy.  After lunch the rest of the group drove back to Suva and we went on towards Nadi.  Right after we came we found a dive/surfing/fishing resort that looked interesting.  Only problem was it was on a road that went straight up to the top of the mountain and then straight down the other side to get to it.  Since we are now the proud drivers of a four wheel drive truck we decided to go see it.

The truck made it up and down the hills with ease and when we got to the Waidroka Bay Resort we discovered several cars already there.  Guess we were the only scardy cats who didn’t dare take a car straight up and straight down  We found it to be a lovely little resort and they told us it was “very quiet” which it would have to be that far away from everything.  Might be fun to stay there sometime.  Back to Suva.

My internal clock has been telling me that it’s fall and time for the leaves to change and the temperatures to drop.  Down here on the other side of the world it’s spring and spring doesn’t look much different from winter here.  But as we drove out today we noticed that there were a number of trees that had turned orange and were dropping their leaves!  Remember this is spring and it shouldn’t be doing that right?

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  1. You two are fantastic. Love the daily scripture from Shirl and the picts are fabulous. Did you pick Fiji? ? ? ? I know you did. Sounds and looks fabulous. You will have that tiny little island memorized by the time you leave. Keep reporting from Fiji -