Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Office–Where We Actually Live–September 15, 2013

The whole reason we are here in Fiji is to work with the Perpetual Education system.  And it involves lots of office work, meaning that we spend lots and lots and lots of time at our office.

When we arrived the previous Jacksons (Ya, it’s a bit confusing having the Jacksons replace the Jacksons) had spent most of their time at the ERC Office which is close to downtown on Berry Street.  They had just moved into the Institute building two months before we arrived.  They brought with them what could be spared from the ERC and it had just pretty much been dumped into the office.

So as we arrived and began to settle in it was a perfect time to spruce up the office, and we could innocently ask for things like drapes and places to put things.  And so we did…

And the result was that we got new curtains, where there had previously been none, and the old computer desks that were falling slowly apart were taken out and a nice big wall to wall shelf was added to hold our student computers and we got a new desk so that Fokie has space as well. 

As I walked into the office the first time my mind went into “remodel” gear immediately.  I haven’t watched all those HGTV shows for nothing.  And today it’s much, much better organized and a better place to spend all those hours.

We share space in the Institute Building with Elder and Sister Tennis and there is a stream of students in and out all day, everyday.  And it’s a fun place to work.  There is a pool table which gets used everyday, a ping pong table that goes up and down quickly, a classroom, a lounge and a kitchen.

And we are beginning to learn the regulars and to enjoy seeing them each day.  Although they do seem to come and go on a regular basis.  And each week the missionaries meet for their weekly meetings so we get to see them as well.  And they are always good for fun, like the day we needed the trap door in the ceiling put back in place and all it took was one small elder on one large elders shoulders to accomplish it.

They have pizza lunches in the backyard, and the students love to eat anything that isn’t nailed down.  Don’t like the sandwich Shirl packed today, no worries, there is always someone willing to eat that peanut butter and jam sandwich!  Such a fun, fun place to work!

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