Friday, October 4, 2013

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park–October 5, 2013

Fiji has a couple of National Trusts, and one of them is quite close to Suva.  It’s a jungle area with three pools down a forest road.  It’s funny because they warn you not to take your car in and leave it because it will be broken into, so you pay your money at the office and the employee goes in with you and drives your car back to the safety of the office and when you are ready to leave you call him and he comes back to get you.  Kind of sad!

We went to Colo-i-Suva (pronounced Tholo-E-Suva) last Saturday with our friends Vika and Samisoni and their two boys A.J. and Junior.  The fellow from the forest office went with us to the end of the road and took our car back with him.

We walked the short distance to the pools and the guys sent swimming.  Vika and I didn’t think we wanted to swim in water that was that green and that cold, so we watched while they splashed around.  They really enjoyed it.  We enjoyed watching.

There was a little nature walk and it was fun to walk through the jungle.  You could hear the birds, and it was peaceful and quiet. When we had enough fun we called and waited for the fellow to come back for us.

As we drove out we passed a couple with a large yellow dog.  As we approached them both little boys yelled at the same time, “There’s Wilson!”  I assumed Wilson was the man, but no, Wilson was the dog.  And the owners were friends with Vika and Sami from another ward.  Small world.

To end the afternoon we told the little boys we would take them to eat at McDonalds.  There are two in Suva and we planned to go to the one in Lacala Bay, which meant that we had to drive past their home.  As we headed towards their home the little one said, “McDonalds!” in an alarmed voice.  He thought we were going to take them home and forget about lunch.  But the smiles were back when we passed their house and kept on driving

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only McDonalds lover in Suva!

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