Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Neighbors the Primary School–October 4, 2013

As I have mentioned before, the Primary School is our backdoor neighbor.  They are just on the other side of a bit of grass and a small parking lot.  They are a source of constant entertainment.

The schools here all have glass louvered panels in the windows and they keep them open to allow in all the outside breezes.  This also accounts for our being able to hear them very well from our office.  We hear them when they sing, and we hear the when they do their work – when they work they sound like a bunch of baby birds.

But the most entertaining thing that we see them do is when they help their teachers keep their classrooms neat and tidy.  Like kids everywhere they love to help take out the rubbish.  (I remember when I though being able to take the blackboard erasers out and clean them was the most fun thing I could ever do!)  We share a common large rubbish bin which sits in the parking lot between our two buildings.  Everyday you will see a group of kids come out lugging bags of rubbish and dump them in the bin.

But they don’t just dump it in and run back inside.  No, they make it much more fun than that.  They climb up with their bare feet, using the bolts or any other things that sticks out to climb up with and they dump in the rubbish and then they sit on the edges and just enjoy the job.  Sometimes you will even see them all leaning over with their heads in the bin and their legs sticking out just checking out what was thrown away.  Then the scramble back down and off they go back to class.  It makes us laugh just to watch them.

And so the other day I was able to catch a group and get a few shots of them enjoying their work.  And later DeWayne went over and took shots in the classrooms, library and other shots of them in their school.  They are adorable, and are the happiest children I have seen in a long time.  They are irresistible!

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