Thursday, October 24, 2013

Suva Stake Musical–October 25, 2013

Friday evening was the Suva Stakes – for want of a better phrase- Dance Festival.  Fokie and her family were very involved and we couldn’t miss it.

It was held at the LDS Church College and when we got there the sound was cranked up to “deafening” and they were really getting into the spirit of the evening.  Between each wards presentation they had a space at the front reserved for anyone who wanted to get up and dance, and just like the old roller-skating rinks they called up different groups.

Wow, and up they came and the older they were, the better they were.  And then the wards began.  It went from 80’s music and YMCA to tribal dances to Indian dances.  They really got into it and the music was at deafeningly high decibels all night and we left with buzzing ears.

And the best part was watching the little ones, 2 –3 –and 4 year olds rockin it.  Guess they already come pre-wired to dance and sing.  It was a fun evening.  Fokies’ ward was last and by the time they were up our camera battery had run out of life, so we didn’t get any of their dance, which by the way they did sitting on the floor. 

It was a fun evening and the really fun part was just watching all the social inter-actions.  They really do know how to have fun.

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