Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Decorations–December 10, 2013

Last June the grocery stores were playing a random Christmas song every now and then, but now the are playing them all the time.  And there are Christmas decorations in all the stores, not a lot, but enough to let you know that Christmas is on the way.

It’s funny, there were huge signs up for lots of companies advertising for Diwali and now they are all back, but this time they are for Christmas.  There is even a huge tree in the park next to McDonald in downtown Suva, and lights hung all around.  But I have to say – we are having a hard time getting in the mood!  It just doesn’t seem like Christmas with these warm temperatures and sunshine.

But it really must be the season because we had our ward Christmas party last night.  It was a combined Christmas/Farewell party for the Tennis.  It was very fun – they had dinner – the required curry and rice and then the entertainment.  The Relief Society, the Primary, the Priesthood, the YM and YW and the YSA all did dances and sang.  They had on skirts made from fresh leaves and every time we attend a party like this I think “wow, there are a lot of bushes out there with no leaves on them.”  But there is no worry, they grow right back the next week.

We are a bit on the “bah humbug” side this year.  No decorations, no candy making, no gift purchasing.  In fact our gifts were sent out on the 24th of July and got there the end of October.  You have to plan ahead if you want to send stuff home from here.

So we will just enjoy our “Happy Non-Christmas” this year and made up for it by going way overboard next year.

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