Saturday, December 7, 2013

Suva Sea Wall Park–December 1, 2013

Suva is doing a lot of repairs and remodeling.  There is a lot of road work being done – pot holes being filled and new sidewalks put in and even new roads being put in, so there is a lot of dust and construction going on.  One of the big things they are doing is along the sea wall.  They have added a whole new park with a small lake and new burre shaped table covers and other new things.

It looks very nice and people love it.  We walked along the new part the other Sunday and took pictures.  It’s called “My Suva” and it is very crowded every Saturday and Sunday. 

One of my favorite things is the “Adult Only Playground”.  Every park should have one of those.  And I also like the wood carving that has a turtle, dolphins and other sea creatures on it, very cool.

But December is not “cool”.  It is the middle of summer and very hot.  It seems funny to see Christmas decorations, and hear Christmas music and for it to be so hot.  Another example of the world being turned upside down.

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