Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Week–December 24, 2013

Christmas is coming – even if the weather doesn’t look like it.  Christmas is rather low key here in Fiji, in fact our ward didn’t even have a Christmas program and Sunday only two of the 4 speakers even mentioned it, so it’s a different type of celebration.

We have had 3 young men coming into the Institute all last week and they love music and singing.  They would spend all day just playing the guitar and piano and singing.  Dew thought it would be fun to have them sing for our family and they were more than willing. 

And so on Monday (Sunday at home) we Skyped with all of our family and they sang songs for them.  On that day they had another young man join them and he played the drums with two magic markers!  The Peterson’s and Dew had out their Skype cameras and we hope our families enjoyed our little Christmas concert.

Monday night we had FHE with all the senior couples.  We had a really good dinner, sang carols and Sister Peterson brought a set of hand chimes with her and it doesn’t take much to learn to play them and we accompanied ourselves with the chimes.  We told favorite Christmas experiences and had a wonderful evening.

And today is Christmas Eve.  Sister Peterson got the hand chimes out and a group of the Institute youth played them.  Then we all drove up to a place called “Home of Compassion” where I go visiting teaching to a sister. We just dropped in, but they were good enough to let us come in and play and sing and it was very fun.  And the young men were so charming and cute with the older sisters, they are such impressive young guys.

When we finished the young people still wanted to do more and they knew of another place so we dropped in on them and did another impromptu concert and the kids loved it.  Then we all went to McDonalds for lunch!  Who could ask for a more fun day?

And in the evening the seniors and the missionary zone here had planned a big program for the same home, so back we went.  We told stories, played the chimes and sang and dressed the residents up to be a nativity scene.  Cookies and gifts of toilet paper rounded out the evening.  Very fun Christmas Eve day and evening.

And today as I was getting to work late after making my cookies I noticed that there were a group of workers all standing around watching something.  I asked them what they were doing and they said they were watching the crab!  No kidding!  There was a HUGE crab and it was crawling all over their bags and tools and they weren’t about to mess with it.  After we got pictures we carried it over to the lawn and let it go (not us, but some of the young men) and off it went as fast as it could and that was the last we saw of it.

The workers told us that if we were Fijians we would have had it for dinner.  But we are Americans and would rather have Mickey D’s, so it was safe.

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