Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tennis’ Farewell–December 7, 2013

And now it’s time… our office mates, Elder and Sister Tennis are heading home.  It has been fun to share space with them and we have come to love them and consider them good friends.

We will miss so many things about them.  For one, I know a lot of first names, but Sister Tennis knows both their first and last names, and she doesn’t get them mixed up like we do.  It has been so easy to just run in and ask her for a quick name and pronunciation. 

We will miss her coming into pick up a paper from the printer and then staying for a long discussion on ever so many subjects.  And we will miss him being such a pool shark, and driving us around in that huge van at top speed and we will never figure out how he always found a “perfect” parking spot.

Their farewell has been going on for a while now and Saturday was, as I mentioned before, the Christmas/Tennis Farewell party.  And they had their last movie night on Saturday with the kids and then on Sunday they spoke in church.

It is a tradition in the Samabula 1st Ward that when someone leaves they all meet in the chapel after church and sing “God Be With You” to them.  Always hard on the old tear ducts!

And now they are off to New Zealand and then home for Christmas with their family.  And next month the Wells and Hogges will be feted and sung to and leave for home, leaving behind the Updikes and the Jackson’s as the senior couples – scary!  Didn’t we just get here?

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