Saturday, July 12, 2014

Career Workshop–July 10, 2014

Boy have we had a busy month so far.  Visitors from New Zealand and of course when that happens you put on “your best face”.  So as part of Career Workshop - 2014 Julythe “entertainment” we taught a two part workshop to 39 students up at the LDS College.  They were sophomores, juniors and seniors, or as they say, form 5, 6 and 7 age students.  It was great fun.

And in our office we had scheduled a “Career Workshop”.  This workshop teaches prospective job seekers how to create CV’s, write cover letters and how to interview with prospective companies.

Well, we have this cute girl who has just returned from her mission and is waiting to return to BYU-H who taught the class.  No, that is not right, cute just doesn’t do it…she is a “drop dead gorgeous” girl.

Well, we had no problems getting enough young men to take the workshop.  How much they actually heard of what she said can be debated, but they were very attentive let’s just say.

Our director and his boss from New Zealand acted as the prospective employers and interviewed them all.  It was fun to just listen to them, they taught them everything from how to sit to not giving so much personal information.  It was fun for all.

And most workshops have good attendance the first day, and it drops off on the second day.  Not this one, they were all back to sit and just take in her cute personality and beautiful face.

And now we know what the real secret to teaching these workshops is, 1)get a gorgeous teacher and 2) feed them lunch.  So this workshop was an out and out success.

Thanks Suka!!!


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