Monday, July 7, 2014

YSA Plays Night Whiffle Ball–July 5, 2014

Elder and Sister Peterson have had some really fun activities since they arrived.  But I think that this last Saturday they probably topped even their own best! 

They wanted to teach the YSA how to play whiffle ball and to treat them to s’mores.  And they planned to play it at night – lit only by glow sticks.  They ordered whiffle balls and bats from the US and looked all over Fiji for glow sticks, marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey bars.  They reported that the easy part was the glow sticks and the Hershey bars – good old Cost-U-Less to the rescue there.  Harder to find were the marshmallows and graham crackers.  Marshmallows they finally found, not quite like home, but close and they finally gave up on graham crackers and settled for “Nice” cookies.

They found two large drums that had been cut in half to build their fire in.  How convenient that the pig that was roasted for the Wakolo’s farewell party had to be cooked over large drum fires. So now they had all the pieces in place.

And so Saturday night they met at the park across from the ward and with glow sticks wrapped around heads, wrists and ankles they were prepared.  The balls and bases also had glow sticks inside to make them visible in the dark.  And so with a three minute explanation of whiffle ball they were off.  Some of the finer points of the game went over their heads, but they quickly figured out you hit the ball as hard as you can and ran as fast as you can and oh ya, you had to run around all the bases not just up and back.

We went over to take photo’s at 6pm and then ran home to eat and intended to go back and take pictures of the s’more eating at about 8pm.  And so at 8 we went over expecting to find the park empty and everyone over toasting those marshmallows.  But they were still playing ball – and we got it from a reliable source – Elder and Sister P. that they had a great time.

So our pictures of the s’mores didn’t happen, but we understand that they quickly learned to burn the marshmallows, and that faces and hands are meant to be gooey, sticky messes.  What a fun activity!!!

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