Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dice with Buddies (Triple Yahtzee)–July 16, 2014

Before we came to Fiji Dew bought a tablet and downloaded a lot of apps that he could use.  Most were very useful apps – like apps to do our banking with, and apps that had the scriptures and church music, and apps….well you get the idea.

But the best one he added had to have been Yahtzee, or as the app is called “Dice with Buddy’s”.  It’s great, no dice needed just a few taps on the screen.  And he has had running games with Kara, and when they are free, Julies two girls Caitlin and Haley.  But Kara is the one that is forever faithful.

And so every morning as we enter the office and the tablet finds the internet the dice begin rolling.  And often during the day, whenever Kara is bored and playing, we hear the dice rolling.  And if we are not careful during church we would hear the dice rolling!  Thank you for adding a “cut the sound button”!

And one game is never enough – oh no, they keep three at least going at the same time.  And if he is busy he will hand it to me and say, “Here, win against Kara”.  And if he gets a Yahtzee he is in Seventh Heaven, and when he loses he pouts, and I am sure the same goes on on the other end as well.

And this week had to have been the high point for him.  He got, not one, not two, (wait for it – drum roll please) three Yahtzees in one game!!!!  And of course he had to take a picture of it, as it will probably never happen again.  Some days it takes very little to keep us happy, and part of that happiness was his knowing that on the other end was Kara, groaning!  But of course it all works out and she has beaten him more than he likes to remember.

Me?  I just regret the day we loaded the app for Solitaire!!!


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