Saturday, July 26, 2014

Young Women’s Dance–July 25, 2014

Fred and Ginger here…reporting on the Young Women’s Fund Raiser Dance. 

It was decorated with many balloons and streamers, and the little kids were having a ball with the balloons.  There were two little ones who spent a very long time trying to blow one up, and mostly just their cheeks got blown up.

We did the waltz – over and over and over to help those that were interested learn a few steps, and by the time they had played the “Tennessee Waltz” three times and we had shared everything we knew, they were bored to tears and ready to move to more fun dancing – and that was just the first half hour. And then it was on to more modern music and they had a ball.

It was fun to see how a few of them were dressed – they could have moved right onto the ski slopes – okay, not really but they were definitely dressed for winter, and we have even mentioned “it’s cool” a couple of times.  Love it!

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