Saturday, May 10, 2014

Church Art In Office–May 6, 2014

Two months ago, when we moved into our new office, we ordered art work for the walls.  I picked them out, but have long ago forgot what I picked.

Well, last Tuesday they arrived, five huge boxes!  And wonder of wonders the FM group was Johnny on the spot and hung them that afternoon.  Wowser!  They were huge paintings with large gold frames and very “spiritual” pictures.  But up they went, even if we did cringe when they hung the largest using just two medium sized molly plugs.

And our office looked and felt like an art gallery.  Thursday Elder Wakolo even came down for a tour of the gallery.  And shortly after he left President Davis, the Fiji temple president, stopped by.  That in itself was amazing, we have had him visit our office exactly twice in the year we have been here, the first time he was looking for the Tennis’ and then Thursday while he waited for Thomas to wash his car.

He strolled around our “gallery”, and then came into our office and proceeded to tell us that we had been the recipients of five paintings that had been ordered for the temple and that he had been trying to find out what happened to them, and had been wildly emailing Salt Lake to find out where they were.

No wonder they were nice!

And so on Thursday afternoon they were removed and we are back to stark white walls again.  Waiting until our art work arrives, and who knows when that will be.  But when they arrive the walls are already outfitted with hangers, just waiting…Wonder if our pictures will be as fancy as the ones we had for two days?

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