Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meeting Moses’ Family–May 18, 2014

Another life changing event.

When Scott and Ann came, and then later when Kara, Jeff and Kent came we all took the Upper Navua River trip, and Elder and Sister Peterson went along on one of the trips as well.  Our boatman for the trips was Moses and we all enjoyed him – a lot.  He ended up being the recipient of whatever we could give him, and we wished we could have given him more.

He talked with us about the church and talked of his family.  He asked if we could get him some books about religion – yah we can.  And so when the Peterson’s family were here they took a box of stuff to him.

It was then that they found out that is wife was very sick, she has cancer in fact.  They asked Moses if we could come up and bring him some supplies and give his wife a priesthood blessing.  He was more than willing.

And today we went.  It has been raining here, in fact is has rained pretty much steadily since Friday night.  Moses was in Navua and we made arrangements to pick him up and take him back to his village.  But we were all rather worried about the roads, that much rain makes the dirt roads treacherous.  So we were not even sure if we could get up there, but we tried.

We picked him up, along with his cousin and his wife and off we went.  The roads weren’t as bad as we feared, just a couple of spots of slick mud.  It rained the whole trip, but it was a beautiful trip. His village is called Nakabika Village which is in the Namosi Highlands – such a beautiful place.

When we arrived at the village which is just past where we put in for the river trip we were invited in to meet his family.  His wife is very nice and we met his four cute kids, aged 14 months to 7 years old.  His extended family was having dinner and we even visited with them and discovered that his brothers all look and sound just like him.

Elder Peterson and Jackson gave his wife a blessing and it was such a wonderful experience.  We played with the kids and shared treats with them and all too soon we had to get on the road back home.  We didn’t want to be caught on that road after dark

On the way back we took another route, which brought us back to Nausari, which is out by the airport, the exact opposite of where we drove up from.  It was a very spiritual, wonderful experience and one of those days we will remember for a very long time.

PS – As I entered his little house, there on the steps were  pair of “covered toe flip flops”.  I did a double take – no one wears them except Kent – and then I remembered that they were indeed a gift from Kent to Moses.  Such a small world of wonderful people.

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