Sunday, June 15, 2014

Elder Wakolo’s Last Farewell Breakfast–June 13, 2014

Ya, another!  I am sure that the Wakolo family is about ready to just be on their way.

The office staff planned one last breakfast for him and they told him that if he complained that – “we don’t care!”  They have loved using that phrase over and over again.

It’s funny how different cultures do things.  I took cookies (what?  you don’t have cookies for breakfast?) in my Mrs. Fields metal tin that I have been guarding ever since we got here.  Love the tin!  So as I put it on the table I said, “don’t let anyone take this, I want it back!”

And of course you know what happened, it came up missing.  We had to do a bit of sleuthing, but we found it – down at the Berry Street office.  So we made a dash down to retrieve it before it went home with someone – never to be seen again.

But the funny part was that everyone brought way too much and there were loads of left overs and it’s always fun to watch the Fijians leave a celebration with plates loaded to the max.  They eat and then take what is left home with them!  Nothing is ever left over!

Oh, and we took in a temple session with a group of YSA’s and the officiator was a YSA and so was the Sister in charge.  It’s neat to see how much they love the temple here.  And they are all beginning to feel how much they are going to miss it when it closes in October for 14 months of renovations.  It was a good evening.

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