Saturday, June 21, 2014

High Priest Group Party–June 21, 2014

We were invited to the High Priests Group party, and in my mind we would have a BBQ with chicken and fresh corn on the cob, and tomatoes and homemade ice cream and….oh, sorry I lost my mind there for a minute.

Back to Fiji!  The High Priests group had a party, and it was very fun.  It was supposed to start at 4 pm on Saturday, but was slid back to 5.  Five o’clock at the Samabula building always means there are volley ball games going, missionary comings and goings, and various other ward things going on, so we weren’t too surprised to see a group of men, women and various youth and children at the ward.

It was held in one of the school class rooms.  It was of course one of the last meeting President and Sister Klingler would attend, so it was a bit of a farewell/HP party.  After we ate, we were divided into two groups and played a game, led by the bishop.  We had to give clues to some biblical characters in three words or less.  Funny the words that were the best.

Then the two groups sang a song each.  Love when they just sing from their hearts.  Then Sister Klingler had brought carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and ice cream.  It was tasty!  But the best part was to watch how gradually, little by little, first one little kid came in and grabbed a plate and went to work on the left overs, and then another, and then another and before you knew it everything was cleaned up.

And they loved the dessert and not an ounce went to waste.  In fact, I didn’t eat all my ice cream and one little girl came up and asked if she could have the rest of mine.  Sure!  So she patiently spooned it into her cup and ate away!  (Hate to admit it, I just sat there in amazement.)

It was a short, sweet party and thoroughly fun.

Jump to Sunday morning.  The bishop wanted a ward picture with the Klinglers before they left and asked everyone to come out on the lawn after Sacrament meeting.  It was exactly like herding cats, but finally they were all arranged and in place and Dew and I took a kazillion pictures and a couple actually turned out well.  What a great lookin group!




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