Saturday, June 7, 2014

We Found the Kuku Ward–June 7, 2014

Haven’t you always wanted to say, “yes, I go to the Kuku Ward?”  I have!  I think it’s just about the coolest ward name I have ever heard.  No, something 1st to the 53rd, or any other lame area name, no sir – Kuku just has a ring to it.  I have loved it ever since Ronal Chand came in and told us he was in the bishopric of the Kuku Ward, and it was a great ward.

And yesterday we found the Kuku Ward. It’s out past Nasauri and it’s a nice little building on a major dirt road.  So now at least we can say that we know where the Kuku Ward is, even if we can’t say we are members of the ward.

And on the road out there is one of the most amazing houses we have ever seen.  It’s a huge boat/house, and it’s miles away from the nearest beach.  At first we thought it was a real boat turned into a house, but as we looked closer it seems more to be a real house built to look like a boat.  One of those amazing places that just make you wonder, “what were they thinkin?” 

It just seems to be completely appropriate – the Kuku Ward on the same road as the boat/house! 

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