Saturday, June 28, 2014

President and Sister Klingler’s Farewell–June 27, 2014

The farewells are almost over.  The ward held their farewell party for President and Sister Klingler on Friday evening.  It was another evening of joyful entertainment.

This time the groups did island dances.  The Primary set the bar very high with their Hula dance from Hawaii, the YSA men were very traditional with their spears and war clubs, the Relief Society looked wonderful and those sisters still can swing it!  And of course you were waiting to hear how the High Priests could out do their “Bunny Hop”, well they managed it.

All dressed alike in their yellow sulu’s they did a Rotuman dance and the two gray haired white guys almost managed to keep up…Almost.  Their dances go down in the “Did you ever think your Dad would do that?”  category.

Fun evening!

And Saturday morning President and Sister Layton arrived, and Saturday afternoon President and Sister Klingler flew out.  Here’s to new beginnings and fond farewells!

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