Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wakolo’s Farewell at Samabula 1st Ward–June 7, 2014

The days are counting down for the Wakolo’s.  And Saturday evening was the farewell party for them at our ward.  All the organizations were asked to present an “American” dance. 

The Relief Society did all their practicing during the day so I wasn’t able/made to dance with them.  They did a western line dance.  The Primary sang a song with actions about Rainbows and were wonderful.  The Young Women and Young Men and YSA’s all presented theirs and were good as usual, but the highlight of the evening had to be the High Priests and the Elders Quorum. 

The High Priests, led by Elder Jackson and Wells did the Bunny Hop.  And they maintained that it went for 5 minutes, not the 3 minutes the label said.  It was great – and I was later told that this was the first time the High Priests had taken part.  Wowsers!

And the Elders did YMCA.  Ya gotta love that no matter how many times it’s done.  And they did a great job.

Dinner was served and we were all on our way home by 6:30pm.  Great party.  But I have to admit that of all the places we have been and all the people we have met these Fijians have the most fun of any group of Saints we have met.

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