Friday, November 15, 2013

Mr. Humble–November 15, 2013

Shanal Singh and Dew have a constant battle going in ping pong and pool.  If I win, Shanal become HUMBL and I become E.  If we spit our games he gets HUM and I get BLE.  We have had such a great time.  He will be leaving for the Provo MTC on December 3rd.  I will really miss him. 
Shanal was originally assigned to go to India, but could not get the visa for his entry, so they reassigned him to Fiji.  He just speaks English and will need to learn Fijian.  He will become a great leader of the Church in Fiji.
Friday he came in with a bar chart with three categories – “Young Age”, “Middle Age” and “Old Age”.  We all really enjoyed the chart. And he asked us, “are you the one’s with the Diet Coke in the fridge?, because we YSA don’t drink Diet Coke!  Guilty as charged!
He is such a cute young man.  We were hoping he would be able to met Ian while in the MTC, but it sounds like Ian will be out in the field by then.  It’s too bad because both of them need a bit of HUM BLE!!!

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