Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pacific Harbor, Bilo Battery Site, Activity Night - November 9, 2013

It has been a crazy week, to say the least.  And now it’s Saturday, beautiful Saturday, oh how I love Saturdays.  We did a bit of shopping in the morning and then decided since it was a beautiful day to drive over to Pacific Harbor and have lunch.  We ate at The Pearl Resort and the restaurant is on ground level with just a strip of lawn between us and the beach.  Beautiful!

And we even found several “gravity affected” coconuts that had been affected by gravity.  In other words – they were laying on the ground.  You do not want to be under them when they fall!!!

And then we just sat on the edge of the beach and watched the amazing clouds coming in.  It was a thunderstorm on it’s way in and it was beautiful.  We got some really good pics.  Then headed back to Suva.

Every time we have gone to Pacific Harbor we have passed a sign that talked about a World War II Heritage site, and we decided today would be a good time to check it out.  Well we discovered that it is called Bilo Battery and it is the site of two large gun placements that guarded Suva Harbor during the WWII.  It is on a point that looks out over the harbor and the city of Suva, and has a pretty neat view. 

When we got there they told us to move our car up on the grass because of the bus.  We thought it was so that the bus could get passed, but it was because this huge, long bus actually turns around on this narrow dirt road.  It arrived just as we did and we watched the maneuver – pretty impressive move on the drivers part.

The Tennis’ are in full “gearing down” mode, preparing to go home in a few weeks and they went out to one of the outer islands for the week-end and asked us to take over for them for their Saturday Activity night with the YSA’s.  And so at 6:00pm we opened the Institute and it was fun and games for a whole bunch of young people until 9:00pm when we cleaned up the building and took a few of the girls home.  It was fun to see them having fun and they do enjoy the Institute a lot.  Home to bed to prepare for fast day!

Oh ya, and we included a picture of the road work (which was supposed to be fixed when we got here, but wasn’t).  They spent a great deal of time repairing a leak in a water line – but it had begun to leak again – so they came back, dug a hole, “repaired” the line and marked it so that traffic would be aware of the new pot hole.  Only in Fiji!!

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