Friday, November 22, 2013

Suva Stake Relief Society Activity–November 23, 2013

Today was a working Saturday.  We gave a presentation at the Suva Stake Relief Society Activity.  They had all kinds of displays and it was fun.  They had a beautiful quilt someone had made and I especially liked the dresses from Vanuatu, they have scallops on the bottom and are puffy sleeved and loose and comfy.

They had four presentations and it went a bit long – and I started it off going a bit over, but everyone finished and all was good.

This has been an interesting week.  School got out for the college (high school) kids and Friday night was their graduation and prom.  They have a big dinner and everyone, parents, siblings, and students all go to the prom.  As we picked up Fokie and Meriaha this morning they said that they stayed to help take the decorations down and it was after 2am when they got to bed.  I think a good percent of the sisters had been up late as well.

So now summer vacation is in full swing and even our little office has been quiet.  We have been helping the group of students who are going to BYU-H in January get their visa appointments and all their paper work ready.  I think that the BYU-H offices are beginning to recognize our phone number.

One day last week we walked into the Institute lounge to discover that 4 of the more enterprising young men had moved the pool table from its home in a little alcove next to the lounge into the lounge.  And those things are not light!  When we asked them why they moved it they simply said, “The pool sticks hit the walls and we don’t like using the short sticks!”

It took Sister Tennis all of 5 seconds to skin them alive and within 10 seconds it was back where it belongs, never to be moved again.  Dew told them to clean the floor under the table before they moved it back, but I think that didn’t happen!  Makes you wonder “what were you thinkin?”  And the bad thing was they moved it back so quickly I didn’t even get to take a picture of it, bummer!

Oh and today we were riding along Princess Road and passed a Rugby game.  Nothing too amazing about that, they are in every green space throughout the city, but this group was playing right after the rain and they were mud men.  You couldn’t even tell they had clothes on, they all just looked brown all over – but I did get a picture of that.

And we have been having thunder storms here.  And the lightening the other night was amazing and today it got very dark and gray and in came the rain and one of the biggest claps of thunder I have ever heard, shook the very foundations of the house!  Okay, probably not that loud, but it was very loud.

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