Saturday, November 16, 2013

Suva Museum–November 16, 2013

Rainy week, almost everyday we have had rain and some days there have been pretty good downpours once or twice a day.  Friday night we went out to dinner with three of the other missionary couples and when we left it was just pouring down rain.  And where oh where is our umbrella?  In the trunk of the car of course. It never fails, it’s always somewhere else when it rains.

We have had road construction on Votua Road this week as well.  They have blocked it off at both ends which means every time we leave the Institute in the car we have to go through the barriers.  And of course the watchman on barrier duty is always sitting over at the store in the shade, so he has to sprint over to let us in and out.  Don’t seem to get many smiles from him, wonder why?

Saturday we had our second workshop for November and we had four students.  It’s been rather quiet and we thought December would be very quiet and that we might just have to cancel it for lack of interest, but one of the bishops came in and he is going to bring a whole group with him.  So cancellation is not in the cards.  School gets out next week for summer break and everything is gearing down for that, and graduation and the prom are next Friday.

After our workshop on Saturday we decided to check out the Fiji Museum.  It’s down in Thurston Gardens, which is down by the sea wall.  Pretty interesting, they have huge wooden canoes that the early people used, complete with their mat sails.  They had some guiding paddles that they used on the really large canoes and they must have been gigantic, because the paddles are huge.

They also have a display of wedding dresses made out of tapa cloth. One of them is very old, and the rest are recent dresses made in the old style.  Pretty creative, they even had headpieces with huge plume like things which were made out of the husks of the coconuts.  Amazing. It’s a place that is worth a look and good on a rainy day.

They have a gift shop with some unique books and gifts.  We didn’t buy anything, but did find some little canoe replicas that are worth remembering.  I have decided that I am going to be very “selective” about what I send home this time – tune in next year to see if my resolve holds!

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