Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving in Fiji–November 27, 2013

Just so you know – there are no turkeys in Fiji.  A few people turkeys, but no bird turkeys.  So that makes it a bit hard to get ready for Thanksgiving!

So most of us didn’t plan on doing much for Thanksgiving.  Enter Sister Wells!  Bless her – she decided we needed to celebrate and organized the whole thing.  First off – her family always celebrates “Pie Wednesday”.  Pie Wednesday is the day that they all get together and make pies and begin the pie eating.  So on Tuesday night we had a small “Pie Wednesday”, on Tuesday.

We had some very good pies.  Then they were put in the fridge and brought out again on Thursday night.  That evening we all met at the Institute where we had dinner.  With no turkeys available we had four roasted chickens, dressing, potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls (cold not hot) salad and the thing that made it an official Thanksgiving dinner – cranberries!  And were they good!

Then we had the rest of the pies and did a bit of singing.  We began with “thankful” songs and ended up with Christmas songs.  We each were given a number and we sang with that group.  Sorry to say, but some groups were better than others.  We have a new couple here that are from England – Elder and Sister Watling.  And he and Elder Tennis sang their little hearts out and Elder Watling looked just like he should be on an English Christmas card showing carolers.  He was great.

And now it’s back to plain old food until we can organize something for Christmas.

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  1. Wow!! I know both Elders Watling and Tennis!! To see them together makes me realize how small the world is!!